About Us

At MECS we  actively and purposefully promote knowledge and respect for all religions and cultural groups MECS is not just another independent school; it’s a school that harnesses focused expertise in delivering a well-rounded, academically sound IEB curriculum within a caring, innovative and healthy environment delivered by a dedicated and highly qualified staff.

We are proud of our twenty years of success at cultivating academic achievement, physical and emotional well-being and the principled and social aptitudes necessary for students’ success and happiness in a rapidly changing world.

At MECS you become part of a family that recognises social and cultural differences, respects diversity it by allowing learners to give expression to it and then celebrates it by knowing that the whole is made up of the sum of its parts.

MECS offers a learning setting in which children learn to appreciate the beauty and value of a nonracial, multi-cultural, diverse school. Yet, we instill in our children a strong work ethic, we uphold the social standards of punctuality, honesty, integrity, clear communication, and we nurture the individual and provide all that an independent school is expected to.