Academic lock down teaching

Our online process is up and running and we are reaching out to the vast majority of our learners. The Edmodo classes have been established and the WhatsApp group now function well and are gaining momentum as standalone programs.

I posted general access to these groups and classes on this site. However, these are public pages and we risk privacy and security threats here and so they have been removed. If you need to source any current or past information regarding academic instructions, please contact the teacher directly.

Our expectation is that all learners follow the basic school timetable lessons and times daily with breaks in between (available at It’s not practical to have hard and fast rules as many learners have to share devices and not all have the same access to data and we are flexible in this approach. As parents you need to set your own rules that suit your particular circumstances. Teachers will be available during lesson times to assist learners in a particular subject and to assign new work or reviewed submissions.