New Admissions

Parents wishing to apply to the school for their children are requested to contact the school secretary of application forms.
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You may download and complete the forms at home before submitting to the school. You may save the forms as a pdf file, fill them in  and submit without having to scan them.

Download application forms here 

New learner application.

Clearance forms ( Grade R to Grade 10)


Please complete and return application forms to the school. For Queries contact Bianca at


Office Tel       0154911794




When applying for admittance for the first time, parents must complete the application form obtainable  our website, 

 Certified copies of the following documents must be presented with the application;

  • Id documents for both parents
  • Learner Birth certificate
  • Transfer letter, if applicable
  • Previous school report, if applicable.
  • Valid study permits for non- South Africans, both for learners and parents
  • Two recent passport photographs.


Each new applicant, as well as registered Grade 7 students of MEPS/MASE must write an entrance examination.  Each new applicant needs to have such results that meet the educational standard of Grade 8, or in the particular grade, in the case of all new applicants.

Entrance exam must be written in Afrikaans, English and Maths.  Applicants must have a fairly good pass(40%) in each leg to be admitted.

Exceptions can be made with approval of the specific subject teacher, or Deputy Principal and Principal.

No new applications will be accepted for grade 11, only grade RR to grade 10, except grade 11 learners transferred from another IEB school, and only if the learner’s work is up to standard. The FET phase is a continuous phase starting with grade 10, continuing to grade 11 and 12.

No applications will be accepted after the end of the second quarter.  Exceptions can be made if the applicant(s) meet the exact standard and level as the existing class and comes from an IEB school.  This means that an applicant can be accepted when no remedial or extra class will be needed.


Unfortunately no student, not making the grade, will be allowed to register.  Students will not be demoted to the previous lower grade, unless he/she is too young for the grade, in the hope to then meet the minimum requirements.  The decision of acceptance or denial of registration as a result of the performance of the applicant is final and will not be waivered or negotiated at all.

 Should a student be two years or more older than the average age group, the Principal and SGB, keeping in mind the educational implications , advantages and disadvantages, will decide whether to admit the student or not.

 It is compulsory for all children to attend school in the year that he/she turns seven until the end of the year that he/she turns 15 or at the end of Grade nine- whichever  comes first. It is therefore  an offence to withhold a child from attending school,  or playing any role in him/her not attending school. This is punishable with a fine or imprisonment of a period not exceeding six months. Should a learner not attend school, due to whatever reason, excluding illness, death of a family member etc. For a period of time exceeding two days, special permission  must be obtained from the Principal.

It is illigal to take a child for more than ten (10) school days out of the country without the prior consent and written permission of the local Education authorities. Applications must be done three weeks prior to leaving the country. If a learner is absent for longer than 19 days, the Principal must notify the Department of Education immediately.

 When a learner is accepted at the school, the parents enter into an agreement with the school and by submitting online applications and agreements of admission, or completing and signing the admission contract, it is considered binding as of the date of signature.

 Parents will receive a renewal contract every year and must return it as per agreement.

 As part of the contract and agreement, parents will receive the following, which will also be available on the website:

  1. Vision and Mission Statement
  2. Learner Code of Conduct
  3. Parent Code of Conduct
  4. General School Policy and Procedures
  5. General School Information
  6. School Calendar for the New Year


School confidentiality form