Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase (Grade R – 3) spans the child’s first few years of formal schooling.  Vital skills, knowledge, attitudes and values are established during these years.  During this Phase , the foundation is laid for each child to achieve success in Literacy and Mathematics, and to develop a healthy self-esteem, good work ethic, social skills and love of learning (Life Skills).  At our school, we  make every effort to recognise, acknowledge and develop the strengths, talents and potential of our young learners.

Each grade in the Foundation Phase has two classes, with approximately 25 children in each class.  Each class is taught by a suitably qualified, dedicated Foundation Phase teacher.

The Foundation Phase curriculum is enriched and supported by enthusiastic and motivated teachers who go beyond the ordinary to provide an contemporary, relevant and exciting education for our young learners.

As of January 2019 we have introduced a Grade RR class to prepare our younger learners for their journey through school.

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