General Information


  1. Introduction

Mokopane English Combined School is an independent school established in 2001 by a few members from the Akacia community.  It was the fulfilment of a vision to have a school offering education of a high standard in a homely environment.  It is the school’s mission to develop the whole personality, spirit, soul and body of each child in a loving and disciplined environment. The language of instruction is English. Our motto is to “Increase in Wisdom and Stature.”

The school was registered with the Education Department in 2008.

  • School Hours

School will start at 07:00 each morning. The day will begin with a 10 minute assembly period where announcements are made. A 15 minute register period will follows. The academic day will begin at 07:20. And ends at 13:30. Except for Fridays when school ends at 12:00.

  • Assembly

All learners should be present for the assembly duration, starting at 07:00.  Head of Departments are taking turns leading the assembly and doing announcements. Fridays will start with a prayer and singing of the National Anthem and School Song.

  • Sport

Sport offered by the school includes the following: Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Archery and Cricket. Sport is not  compulsory but learners are encourage to participate.

  • Curriculum

Our school is an I.E.B. school but the national Curriculum is implemented whereby the learning outcomes and Assessment Standards of all learning areas are covered and assessed throughout the year.

Learning areas

Gr RR – 3(Foundation Phase)



Life Skills

Afrikaans(excluding Gr R)

Gr 4 – 7(Intermidiate Phase)




Natural Science & Technology

Social Science

Life Orientation

Art & Culture

Gr 8-9 (Senior Phase)

English                                                         Social Sciences

Afrikaans                                                    EMS & Accounting

Mathematics                                             Arts & Culture

Life Orientation                                        Technology/Skills Pro

Physical Sciences

Life Science

Gr 10 – 12 (FET Phase)

English                                                         Physical Sciences

Afrikaans                                                    Business Studies

Mathematics                                             Math Literacy

Life Orientation                                        Accounting

Life Sciences                                             Geography

Computer Application Technology

  • Assessment & Reporting

Assessment will be done in various forms on a continuous basis throughout each term. Marks must be recorded and parents will be notified of any concerns regarding academic progress. Cycle tests will be written during the first and third terms and exams will be written at the end of the 2nd and 4th terms. All tests will be sent home for parents to sign. Internal moderation takes place on a termly basis. Learners receive a progress report at the end of each quarter. If a learner should fail his/her grade at the end of the year, or choose to repeat a grade in order to obtain better marks, parents must re-apply for admission to repeat the grade. There are now administration cost involved when re-applying for repeating a grade.

  • Cultural

A cultural event is organised each year and learners will be encouraged to participate. Chess and debate is also part of our curriculum.

  • Dress Code

Learners wear full school uniform every day. Refer to the Mokopane English Combined School dress code.

  1. Discipline

Learners are expected to “do unto others as they would have others do unto them.” Learners are encouraged to being respectful and tolerant towards others. No corporal punishment may be administered, however firm control will be kept in the classrooms and learners are expected to abide by the Mokopane English Combined School Code of Conduct at all times.  Learners will receive Warning Letters for transgressions as per the Code of Conduct.  Learners will get detention. Transgressions need to be signed by parents. The cooperation of parents is vital when dealing with disciplinary matters. In the Foundation phase transgressions apply, but each Grade uses different systems depending on the teacher’s arrangement.

  • Fundraisers

Various fundraisers will be organised during the year by the staff and Governing Body Members. All teachers will be encouraged to participate. Parents will be approached for assistance and support. We use all funds raised for improving fascilities, benefitting the learners here at school.

  • Health and Safety

The safety and security of our learners is our first priority. Gates will be locked at 07:00 and late comers will be sent home. Gates will also be locked during school time and a visitors register is kept at reception.  Refer to the Mokopane English Combined School Health and Safety Policy.

  • Policies and School Documents

All school matters are determined by Mokopane English Combined School Policies, school documents and the school Constitution. Staff members must familiarize themselves with all policies and school documents. Parents will receive the Code of Conduct and General School Policy every year and it will be available on the school website as well. Every year parents must renew their contract with the school.

  • Break time

Learners have 2 breaks during a school day. Learners may not stay in the classrooms or on the corridors during breaks. Teachers will be on duty. Any serious incidents must be reported to the Principal. The tuckshop will be open during breaks. For safety reasons, no person will be allowed to drop off food parcels for learners during school hours.

  • Learner Support

Learners experiencing difficulty in key subjects must attend extra tuition classes in the afternoons. An extra-curriculum time table is available for learners. Preference is given to academics above any sport and cultural participation or activities. Parent’s evenings will be held quarterly to discuss learner’s progress during the term.

  • School Fees

School fees are payable before or on the 7th of every month. No cash will be accepted for payment of school fees and stop orders must be arranged in advance. New school fee structures are set in the beginning of every new year and parents will be notified in due course.

The fee structure for 2019 is as follows:

Grade R                                R1953.00 per month

Grade 1 – 3                         R2442.00 per month

Grade 4 – 7                         R2713.00 per month

Grade 8 – 9                         R3147.00 per month