Grade 3 Module 2

8 July 2020

Lees vir vandag: Die bus les 18

Please listen to the video for the pronouciation of the words.

Klanke boek – eeu klankeboek bl.18 klanke( Skryf en se dit hardop) elke dag,luister na jou voicenote.

eeu klanke- eeu sounds in klankeboek p. 18 please write and pronounce the words every day. Listen to video.

Geniet jou dag / Enjoy your day.

Mrs. I. Duvenhage 🌹

Life Skills

Please do the following for today:

  • Revision activity:
    -It’s time for change page 48- 49. Please note: We will use tomorrow 9 July 2020 to catch up with work for Lifeskills.

Have a lovely day. Be safe and stay healthy.

If you have any questions , please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards
Mrs. I Duvenhage🌹


Word by word page 9 Plurals 2
The San People read and answer questions but be done in Literacy book ( cut and paste in book if you have copies ( Literacy book))

Arts and Craft
Make a flower pot (2 weeks))

Parents who have not yet collected the progress reports for their children are most welcome to do so.

Thank you
SM Aphiri 🌹


Good Morning Parents and Learners

• Learners count from 800-900 in 4’s

• Write the multiplication of 13× and division of 13

• Today’s activities are as follows;

  • bug sums or bug word sums if you mixed up the worksheets yesterday.
  • Money
  • Counting

Enjoy your day.🌹

Kind regards
Mrs MS Tsoai