Grade 3 Module 3

3 August 2020

Afrikaans & Lifeskills

Please make use of this time from 07:00 – 09:00 to catch up with any work that you are behind with.

Please remember to send last week’s and the previous week’s work to me, if your work is still outstanding send it to me today via email to this address:

If you are having problems with sending the work or if you are still behind, please let me know in a private message so that I will be able to write a comment down next to the learners name.

Thank you so much to the dedicated learners who always submit your work. I appreciate all your effort.

Have a lovely day.

Kind regards
Mrs. I. Duvenhage 🌹


Poems- Garden in the rain⛈️
             The tapping beetle🐞

Handwriting look at pdf on group
Phonics page 17 ( listen to audio for explanation)

Please use weekly planner if you are unsure what to do
Send me a text

Have a fabulous day
Miss SM Aphiri 🌸


[11:07 am, 03/08/2020] +27 76 384 9644: Good Morning Parents and Learners

Learners on the list randomly count from 200-700
Learners *not on the list count from 0-500 in 2’s;3’s;4’s and 5’s

Recite Multiplication and Division of 9

Today’s activities are from Premier Workbook
Page 27 – Numbers patterns
Page 28 and 29 – Place value


Kind Regards
Mrs MS Tsoai