Help and advice for Matric Parents

18 January 2022

Focus – “This is a marathon not a sprint”

Parents who have traveled this journey before will understand this, but those unfamiliar with the challenge s may need to know what they are in for. As much as your children write their Matric, so do you. It has to be a team effort – parents, learners and school.

There is a clearly articulated process and if you are able to ensure that you follow our advice, the year should be less stressful for all, especially the learners. Please assist us in our commitment to making sure your children get the best results they can by making sure that you are informed and engaged, every step of the way.

  • Parents obligations
    • Payment of the IEB fees of R7659. This is not part of your school fees and has to be done before the learner can write. Payment is made in two tranches half in by 31 March and the balance in August. (two payments of R3829.50)
    • Obligation to make sure that learners are looked after at home in terms of adequate food, accommodation and an area to study – obvious but needs to be stated.
  • Parents Support
    • Be understanding. It is a stressful time. Make the time to talk to you children. Make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Don’t put too much pressure on them. They need time to be people. Find a balance between work and play and agree to it. Talk to us if you are having difficulty or need advice. That’s why we are here.
    • Help them plan their time. Find the balance between work and play and stick to it.
    • Mobile phones are a distraction. Make an agreement that during study sessions, the phone is in another room.
  • SPA Tasks

The SPA tasks are critical for the successful completion of the matric year. They had have to be completed and submitted on time. I will ask teachers to give me a calendar of deadlines so that you can monitor and check on your child’s progress with these tasks