Learner Code of Conduct

A document defining the expectations held for the learners of Mokopane English Combined School

I understand that honesty, truthfulness, integrity, transparency, generosity, empathy, accountability, punctuality and respect for the needs and property of others are the core values of the school

I have the right to be treated with respect, regardless of age, gender, race, intelligence or religion, but at the same time must treat others with respect.

I understand that cheating, bullying, vandalism, plagiarism, theft and substance abuse (involving smoking, alcohol or drugs, whether at the school or outside it and whether in school uniform or not,) are very serious offences and that, if I am found guilty of such offences, I may jeopardise my continued stay at the school

I have, if I behave in an appropriate manner, the right to be taught by teachers who are fair, competent and sympathetic to my needs.

I undertake to do my homework and prepare for tests and examinations properly and to ensure that my behaviour in the class does not affect the opportunities of others to learn effectively or the teacher to teach effectively.

I have the right to be happy and may not be ridiculed, humiliated, threatened or harmed in any way.

I accept that I am a representative of the school and I undertake not to do anything to damage the reputation of the school at all times.

My general conduct at school is part of my education and I will greet and be courteous to all staff, visitors, fellow learners, seniors and other adults on the campus.

The use of foul and abusive language is unacceptable by the school

will observe the regulations relating to the dress code and school uniform. I accept that if I am to be proud of my uniform it should be neat at all times.

I will support and abide by the school rules.

I will, at all times, endeavour to act in a way that will be a credit to the school and in so doing, acknowledge my loyalty to the school and belief in and support for what the school stands for.

I will be a constructive contributor towards the maintenance and upgrading of my school, to my own and other’s benefit, by supporting fundraisers and encourage others to do likewise.

I appreciate and value my privileges and will actively be part of all community projects.

Be on time.

Not use my cellphone during school hours, only when instructed by a teacher and then only for schoolwork.

(Refrain from making any) bad or negative comments, or posts on social media or in general.

Have the right to be heard, discuss issues or problems through the right channels and not by instigating unacceptable behaviour or use social media to do so.