School Opening 2021 Update

Friday, February 12, 2021


Dear Parents

It’s hard to believe that we are half way into February already. Unlike many schools in Limpopo we have been operational since the 11th of January, initially we prepped for online teaching and this was implemented shortly thereafter. On the 8th of February we opened with the return of the Foundation Phase and the Grade 10,11 and 12’s on a fulltime basis, with the others returning on a rotation timetable.

From Monday 15th we will welcome all grades back on a fulltime basis.

  • Please ensure that your child/children arrive before 07h00 with a mask.
  • Current uniform, dress codes and full Covid protocols remain in place.
  • Electronic devices are still required and pupils will be allowed to bring and use these devices.
  • The current dress codes remain. Casual clothes or uniform are permitted but not in combination
  • Gates are locked at 07h00 – late comers have to come through the front entrance
  • Pupil registration is from 07h00 to 07h15
  • The online function remains on a limited scale for individuals who have permission

We must now focus on the academic program and ensure that there are as few interruptions as possible.  We are confident that with effort and commitment from our pupils we will successfully complete the academic year. It is also our intention to introduce afternoon academic support and enrichment for those children who are able to make use of such programs given the current ban on sport.

Lastly, please ensure that stop orders have been adjusted to reflect the 2021 school fee increase if you have not already done so.

As always, stay safe