Grade 3 Module 3

12 August 2020

Lees vir vandag: Les 24. Jan saai

Please listen to the video for the pronunciation of the words.

Klanke boek – i klankeboek bl.3 klanke( Skryf en se dit hardop) elke dag,luister na jou voicenote.

i klanke- i sounds in klankeboek p. 3 please write and pronounce the words every day. Listen to video.

Please complete the following if you haven’t completed it in term 1 .

Lees: Klankeboek bl. 3. ( Listen to the video for the pronunciation of the words.)

Maak sinne met die woorde: Sit, wit en vis. ( Listen to the video and follow the instructions.)

Geniet jou dag / Enjoy your day.

Mrs. I. Duvenhage 🌹

Life Skills

Topic for the week :

Do the following worksheets based on the information that you have read Yesterday.

Lifeskills textbook p57- 65.

In your Lifeskills workbook -worksheet papers, do the following: pages 58 -59 Page 60 is not compulsory. You may do the worksheet for fun.

Have a lovely day. Be safe and stay healthy.

If you have any questions , please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards
Mrs. I Duvenhage 🌹


Poems- Garden in the rain⛈️
             The tapping beetle🐞

Handwriting look at pdf on group
Word by word page 16 Prefixes 1
Page 17 Prefixes 2

Arts and Craft 🎨

Making a Swan

Please use weekly planner if you are unsure what to do
Send me a text

Have a fabulous day
Miss SM Aphiri 🌸