Grade 3 Module 3

29 July 2020

Lees vir vandag: Les 23 Flip en die boom bl. 37 les 23

Please listen to the video for the pronunciation of the words.

Klanke boek – e klankeboek bl.2 klanke( Skryf en se dit hardop) elke dag,luister na jou voicenote.

e klanke- e sounds in klankeboek p. 2 please write and pronounce the words every day. Listen to video.

Geniet jou dag / Enjoy your day.

Mrs. I. Duvenhage 🌹

Life Skills

Topic for the week :
Space – The solar system

Do following for today:
# If you are able to watch the YouTube video’s, please watch it. You will learn more about the solar system. You will be able to learn while you have fun watching the videos.

# In your Lifeskills textbook read the following pages 55 -58 and do the activities : Lifeskills worksheet papers on page 55 and 56. 😁

Have a lovely day. Be safe and stay healthy.

If you have any questions , please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards
Mrs. I Duvenhage 🌹


Poems- Garden in the rain⛈️
The tapping beetle🐞

Handwriting writing- look at pdf document send on group chat ( please watch video on how to do the cursive x)

Word by word page 14 Alphabetical order 2

Please use weekly planner if you are unsure what to do
Send me a text📱

Have a fabulous day
Miss SM Aphiri 🌸


2020.07.29 Wednesday

Good Morning Parents and Learners.

Learners count backwards from 0-1000 in 20’s25’s50’s and 100

Recite Multiplication and Division of 8

Today’s activities are from Mental maths Workbook
▪Learners do the worksheets on page 24 and 25

Happy practicing, enjoy♡

Kind Regards
Mrs MS Tsoai